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This Best Hentai Game caught my eye right away. This free sex game is by the porn game creator named Cheesh Haze. Good job, Cheesh! This porn game creator has a little bit of experience and this is the fourth sex game that he has created. If you can’t tell by the title already, the theme here is masturbation. Enjoy rhythm gameplay and amazing 2d graphics. Make this woman rub her twat until she cums!

To play this sex game you will see letters coming down the screen on the right-hand side. Press the key with the corresponding letter. Make sure to press it on target and this will get her to rub herself. Miss the target and she will lose her horny mood. This is the exact same concept as Guitar Hero. If you keep hitting the letters on target she takes off her top and ends up squirting all over the place.

If you need a little help is this Best Hentai Game, hint hint – green tissue box*


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