Lovu Lovu Blast: Xmas Castle


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Hey, you funky sexy arcade gamers! Welcome to the beautiful anime-drawn world of Lovu Lovu Xmas Blast. This free anime porn game is brought to you by Dezure and he released this as sort of a Christmas bonus porn game. First off, you have to admit the graphics in this sex game are killer. I really like arcade-style sex games like this. Whoever this Dezure is, he sure did a good job.

The object of this arcade porn game is to blast a big cannon ball up and try to hit certain targets. Get enough good shots and the busty anime babe with get nude! This game takes a certain amount of skill and kept me playing for over an hour. There is a total of 5 different babes so the porn game has plenty of content to play through. Hope everyone enjoys this one as much as I did.


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